Where I live, we watch military aircraft and vehicles for entertainment.

We gather in fields, and on coastlines, watching jet aircraft or armoured tanks display their might and muscle.

The speed. The ballistics. The crowd goes wild.

If a helicopter appears over the horizon in the country where I live…

It’s just a joke.

You can’t say anything these days.

It is cancel-culture, call out culture, everyone is just so sensitive.

Nobody got hurt; don’t be a snowflake.

These familiar phrases, are used to defend the very foundation of comedy.

The punchline.

It is in peril, because what we once…

My son and I talk about dinosaurs, a lot. Like many 5-year olds, he is both a little obsessed and impressively knowledgeable.

He studies the difference between a plesiosaur and a pterosaur, or the specific dietary requirements of a Spinosaurus, with the same diligence that I might study my inbox…

Ian McClellan

Writing for meditation. Reading to learn. Independent writer. Aspiring human.

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